Enterprise Profile 简介
Our philosophy: professional, reliable, low cost and high efficiency
Our background: Shanghai Jiangyi Precision Parts Co.,Ltd is established in June 2015. We are a group of young people committed to promoting the development of China’s precision manufacturing , with a professional background whose average working years is 10 years.

我们的理念:专业 · 可靠 · 低成本 · 高效率
我们的背景:上海匠义精密部件有限公司于 2015 年 6 月注册成立。我们是一群致力于推动中国精密加工 制造向前发展的年轻人,拥有专业的行业从业背景, 平均行业从业年限 10 年。
  The main facility are CNC and automatic lathe.The CNC which brand is from Japan such as Tsugami, Citizen, Nomura, the machining diameter range is from 2mm to 26mm, and the accuracy is 0.005mm; The CNC for Miyano can turn the max diameter is 42mm,and the accuracy is 0.01mm.Automatic lathe which brand is from Taiwan, the machining diameter range is from 2mm to 20mm, and the accuracy is 0.01mm.
Material such as Carbon Steel(20#,45#), Free-cutting steel(1215),Stainless steel(sus303,sus304,sus316,- sus420),Brass(C3604),Aluminum(6061),etc.

主要车削加工设备目前拥有日本品牌津 上,西铁城,野村CNC机床,加工直径 ∅2mm-∅26mm,
加工精度0.005mm; 另有宫野牌CNC机床,加工直径可达到 ∅42mm,加工精度0.01mm。台湾品牌自 动车床,加工直径∅2mm-∅20mm,加工精度0.01mm。
车削加工材质有普通碳钢(20#、45#), 易切削钢(1215),不锈钢(sus303、 sus304、sus316、sus420),
铜 (C3604),铝(6061)等。
  The main facility are multi-station cold heading machine and thread rolling machine. M1.4 -M12 standard and non-standard screws is machinabled.

冷镦加工设备目前有多工位冷镦机,搓牙机。可加工 M1.4-M12 的标准和非标螺丝。
  The main facility is injection molding machine, which brand is Lijing from Hongkong.The injection molding tonnage is 50 t -250 t.

注塑加工设备目前有香港力劲牌注塑 机,吨位 50T-250T。
  The main facility is punching machine, which brand are Seyi from Taiwan and Yangli from China.The punching tonnage is 63 t to 125t.

冲压加工设备目前有台湾协易和国产扬力冲床,吨位 63T-125T。
  At present the main process is to use the silica sol process to product the cast with carbon steel,stainless steel(sus304,sus316,sus316L),the weight of the cast is from 0.01kg to 150kg.

铸造加工主要采用硅溶胶工艺,生产碳钢, 不锈钢(sus304,sus316,sus316L)铸件,加 工产品单重范围 0.01KG-150KG。
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